Welcome to think decks

We develop thinking processes with confidence.

What Are Think Decks?

Think Decks is more than a digital visual solution.

Our sole purpose is to help others build connections, invoke emotions, and ignite thought by GETTING VISUAL.

“remember the time when we were...”

Just that one statement shifts your mind set, takes you back to a time and place and unleashes a stored visual in your mind!

It all started with digital shift in 2020, and a rapid move to working online. As facilitators we lost the ability to use the many tactile tools that we would in sessions to engage participants and deepen conversations.

An idea was born to bring visuals into the remote setting, and today we have THINK DECKS.

Decks of photos and hand drawn icons that give ideas, questions, conversations and connections a visual anchor.

Top view of a photographer selecting best photos from several photo shoot. Female photographer working in studio looking at the prints lying on desk.

We use Visuals to inspire CONNECTIONS, visuals help us to:

Need some proof points about why visuals are so critical?

After 3 days, we retain 60% of what we see, 10% of what we hear